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in that state, 8.7% in september. the 2008 vote went to president obama with a net of 2.8% in that state. this talk about unemployment and the economy, brian crowley. how much of that is a factor in florida? guest: i don't think it was a coincidence that during the foreign policy debate, mitt romney kept bringing it back to the economy. most people turning in were not going to be paying that close attention to some of the foreign policy issues, and i don't think many \ voters go to the polls to vote based on what our decisions will be with china or cuba, for that matter. but they do vote with their pocketbooks. statewide unemployment in florida is 8.7%, but it is much higher in various pockets of florida. in some counties, as high as 12% unemployment. as we all know, that does not talk about the under-employed. the economy is still struggling in florida. we have signs of it getting better, but i heard a story that foreclosures in the state are the highest in the nation. there's a lot of economic pressure in the state. people are feeling the pain, and whoever sells the economic message be
, then president obama's campaign stop in iowa. >> in comments at cleveland state university, vice- presidential candidate paul ryan criticized federal anti- poverty programs and argue for a strategy encouraging private charity. this is a half-hour. >> hello, colorado. [cheers and applause] >> thank you so much. look at this. wow. [applause] thank you. thank you so much. [applause] so warm. wow. [applause] wow. [laughter] thank you very much for that warm welcome. i want to thank my friend whose family has been so good to me over the years. thank you, jimmy, for that great introduction. [applause] i also want to thank everyone here at cleveland state university for your hospitality. thank you very much. [applause] i especially want to thank president berkman for making this happen. we appreciate your hospitality. [applause] where's bob? over there. none of this would be possible and none of us would be here today without these extraordinary work of the center for neighborhood enterprise. we have been friends for many years. [applause] we are here in partnership on behalf of an idea. no matter wh
for obama? in 2008, he won the state by 12.5%. guest: people are extremely frustrated because it has been so bad and so hard for so many of the residence. you are seeing that gap, which was 12 points several years ago come down to something within the margin of error. obama has been holding a steady lead. the closest romney got was within a tie. democrats have a voter registration advantage in this state. host: going back to to thousand a, i want to talk about -- to 2008 statistics, from bloomberg news says nevada has the largest swing state demographic shift since 2008. talk about how that is impacting this election. guest: 26% of the state is latino. this voting block has been shown to hear a lot about the economy, a lot about education. immigration does not rank as the highest this year of interest to these voters. it is an underlying across the board thing. are you saying the right thing on these topics. it is 2/3 versus 1/3 that the voters are split on this. this is what candidates are fighting about. obama made a promise to address it in his first year in office and did not do that. he
is what we're talking about. president obama -- if you join congress which be supportive of this trend continuing? >> the most important thing is to secure the borders, and do whatever we need to do so that people are not crossing the border illegally, and drugs are not crossing illegally. i think we need to make sure that jobs are going to americans and we need immigration reform. we need to make sure that there is a pathway to citizenship for the 13 million people who are here, in the shatters -- shadows. and the people who are here -- they have a chance to live the american dream because many of them have offered their lives for their country. congressman king talked about the terms of electricity and use the language of this reprehensible and embarrassing to the people of iowa, that says we can use cattle prods on animals so why not of electricity on people. >> that is a false statement and i will not respond to it. >> there are several communities within your district, that have a large influx of non-in list -- english speaking people, there are several communities like that. do y
more questions coming. on military spending, rocky. >> president obama warned the -- -- president eisenhower warned this country he termed it the military industrial congressional complex. for very good reason. these folks vote for massive funding for completely wasteful projects, like the f-22 that the department of defense said we are never going to use it. it is out-moded. why would we spend billions of dollars on it? and because the contractor had other contractors or sub contractors in 44 different states, and they did it very strategically, these people, the republicans and democrats alike, voted for additional funding. that is treason against our country when our treasury -- treasure is being wasted, when we need that treas write to go -- that treasure to go to exporting and jobs, and the biggest problem facing our planet and that is climate change. we need to focus on where the real problems are, rather than those who are benefiting from this corrupt system have their stake. now, there are two fundamentals when it comes to our engagement, military engagement. i think our l
, it is -- he is probably somebody interests you. i am on the other side. you support president obama, if you believe fighting for the middle class is the right thing, if you get 17 different cassettes for small businesses and payroll tax cuts for the middle class, if you believe in medicare, if you support laws for green jobs to hold insurance companies accountable by giving you refunds, if it keeps student loans down, then i am your candid it. boater's really do have a choice in november. i have a different path. a stronger middle-class, focusing on creating jobs, equality for women always. fighting for people in this district first, not wall street or big oil. i hope i have earned your vote on november 6. i ask you for the opportunity to serve again. thank you. [applause] >> two minutes. >> there is a web site. it is a tea party purity test. all three of us failed. however, i passed a couple things. i am a strong fiscal conservative. this company -- country differentiates me from these guys. i will not vote to raise the debt ceiling. the t in tea party is an acronym. we are taxed enough al
want to play you a clip from president obama yesterday and some of the comments he made. >> there is no more serious issue in the presidential campaign then who can you trust? trust matters. who is going to look out for you? and here is the thing. nevada, you know me by now. you know i say what i mean, and i mean what i say. we have not finished everything we set out to do in 2008 but you know every single day i set foot in that office i am thinking about you. host: do you think that argument is going over well with voters out there? guest: i don't really think it is. we have the highest place of unemployment in the country and the highest foreclosure rate in the country. president obama has not been good for nevada. all these statistics show that we are worse off now than we were four years ago. it is time to put somebody else in there. that is why you see the polls narrowing the closer we get to the election. host: we are taking your calls in this segment. this is former state party chairman dan burdish. give us a call. we still have that line set up for nevada residen
obama have not given us such a future. claire mccaskill she was the first to endorse barack obama. she was his strong right hand, voting with him 98% of the time. what does the record look like? first of all, instead of jobs being created from the stimulus bill, we have had record months of unemployment. deficits, we were promised that would be cut in half. it has tripled. energy, the funding of solyndra, the epa given the power to shut down certain districts. drillingourse, stopping dearl in the keystone pipeline. gas prices have risen. claire mccaskill voted to pass it. there is a reason for this record of failures. that is because obama and ms. mccaskill have a deep abiding faith that government is the solution to every problem. that is why they could not fulfill their records. she is going to washington, d.c. she has brought us red tape and all kinds of bureaucracy and executive orders. she does not understand that these big government solutions choke out freedom. what i would suggest is that you could bring me to washington, d.c. in the senate so that we can take the missouri comm
in addition to dealing with possibly the obama care situation that the next governor will have to deal with. there has been no improvement in the mental health system right now in the last four years even though governor perdue promised to fix it. >> i believe he has opposed the affordable care act which would give resources for this type of problem. several years ago the mental- health directors said we need to privatize the system. it has not gone well. it was called divestiture. i talked to a doctor and said this was not working in rural areas. but there was that they would leave the mental health system and form their own private businesses. they left certain rural areas so our police department became the mental health department by picking them up and taking them to the emergency rooms. when need to listen to the providers. one benefit of the affordable care act would be to provide more managed care in the mental health a reno. we need to listen to the providers and make sure that there is managed care out there. people can become a threat to the public if they are not on their medica
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9